Adventures In Color – Spring Semester

Adventures in Color - Spring Semester

Grade Level: 2nd – 6th grades

Ages: 7 – 12

Classes Meet: Thursdays

Semester 2: January 13th – March 31st

Spring Semester Only

Times: 9: 00 – 9:50 am 

Instructor: Madelyn Townsend


Tuition / Fees: $250.00 tuition ($125.00 per semester) + $25.00 Supply Fee.     An enrollment fee of $25 plus the materials fee of $25 is due within 2 weeks of registration and will come off of your tuition. Both the supply fee and enrollment fee are non-refundable and will hold your place in the class.

Course Description:

In this 12-week class, students will be introduced to and get to explore the color wheel and some of the most common color harmony combinations. Students will use a variety of medias including colored pencil, watercolor, and more to discover how colors relate to each other. Each student will have the opportunity to complete unique and creative projects which demonstrate an understanding of elementary color theory.

If you have a student with special needs, please contact the instructor directly.


Color Wheel of Found Objects - student's work
Complementary Colored Fruit Project - students' work
Monochromatic Landscape Project - student's work