Anatomy & Physiology

Anatomy & Physiology

Grade Level: 8th – 12th grades

Ages: 13 & up

Classes Meet: Mondays

Semester 1: Monday, September 11th – November 27th, 2023

Semester 2: Monday, January 8th – March 25th, 2024.

(December 5th and April 2th will be make-up days if needed.)

Times: 9: 00 – 9:55 am 

Instructor: Olivia Augenstein

Instructor Email:

Tuition / Fees: $300.00 tuition ($150.00 per semester).  An enrollment fee of $50 is due within 2 weeks of registration for the first semester and another $50 deposit will be due for the second semester by 11/7/23. Both will come off of your tuition for each semester. The enrollment fees are non-refundable and will hold your place in the class.

Course Description:

This class is an in-depth study of the human body and how it functions. It follows the book The Human Body, Fearfully and Wonderfully Made by Shannon and Yunis (Apologia). This class will learn about the human body’s cells, tissues, organs and organ systems and how they work together. Students will be able to identify the different regions of the body and the role each region plays. Students will also learn basic medical terminology. It is strongly recommended that this class be taken with the lab.

Dates: Full Year Coarse

Where: Epiphany Lutheran Church, 6606 Maplecrest Road, Fort Wayne

Required text: Advanced Biology in Creation, the Human Body; Fearfully and Wonderfully Made, by Shannon & Yunis

Time requirements: Class- We will cover 1 module in 1 to 2 weeks. Each module has end of the chapter questions, vocab, and cumulative tests.

Lab- (sign up separately) each module has 1 to 2 hands-on labs that will correlate with the book.  

Grades: Class- based on homework, vocab and tests.

Lab: based on lab sheets and tests.

–  Class = 1 credit, Lab =.5 credit/semester

-Students are not required to take notes. I  expect students to participate in the lecture. I can send the power points for each module to those who request them.

– I encourage each student to outline the entire module as they are reading it.

Expectations: Students will complete readings and homework before class. Students will study the vocabulary and ask questions when needed. If a class is missed, it is the student’s responsibility to complete the readings, homework and labs. There will be no make up labs. If a student misses a lab, they will make up the points by writing a 1 page paper over the topic of that lab.

 Homework will be due 1 week after the correlating lecture. This gives the students time to ask questions. If an assignment is not turned in with in 2 weeks of due date, the student will receive a zero

  • Homework will be stapled together and neat with no frayed ends. If not it will not be accepted.
  • All vocabulary will need to be written out and turned in.
  • All work is to be kept in a folder until end of semester to refer back to.
  • Labs will follow same rules
  • It is the student’s responsibility to contact me with questions. I always answer in a timely manner. Email is best way to contact me.
  • Students will behave and treat each other with respect. If a student has to be reprimanded, I will call the parents. If it continues without resolution, student will be asked to leave class permanently without a refund. (I have never had this be an issue.)
  • Book ISBN# 978-1-935495-72-7
  • Cancellations: NHC follows FWC for weather. Always use your best judgement. Safety is highest priority.. Sickness: I will be half dead before I cancel, but again use best judgement. We don’t want to infect others. I do ask that you let me know by email or text if a student will be absent so I don’t worry.
  • If a student has special needs, please contact the teacher directly to discuss.