Indiana History for 3rd – 6th grades

Indiana History for 3rd - 6th grades

Location: Epiphany Lutheran Church 6606 Maplecrest Road, Fort Wayne, IN

Grade Level: 3rd – 6th grades

Ages: 7 – 12

Classes Meet: Thursdays

Semester 1: Thursday, September 7th – November 30th, 2023

Semester 2: Thursday, January 11th – March 28th, 2024.

(December 7th and April 4th will be make-up days if needed.)

Times: 10: 00 – 10: 50 am 

Instructor: Tracy Ramsour

Instructor Email: 

Tuition / Fees: $300.00 tuition ($150.00 per semester). A deposit of $50  is due within 2 weeks of registration and will come off of your tuition. 

This is FULL year-long class. 

Course Description:

Are you looking for a FUN class to introduce your student to Indiana State History? This interactive class geared for 3rd – 6th graders will explore the history, geography, and culture of our great state of Indiana. Your student will learn about the Native Americans, explorers and pioneers who first settled here. We will create a timeline of important events and have fun learning about all the exciting people and places of Indiana. Each student will have created a project and state notebook by the end of our time together.

Students will need to purchase the ABeka My State Notebook. I will provide all the other materials for the class. There will be minimal homework and there will not be any quizzes or tests.

There is a $50 deposit (which will be deducted from your tuition) that is due upon registration for the 1st semester and then by 11/7/23 for the second semester. Both deposits are non-refundable and will hold your place in the class. 

This is FULL year-long class. 

Minimum number of students to hold the class is 5 / maximum is 15.

If you have a student with special needs, please contact me directly to discuss.