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Jenn MacDonald

Classes Taught:
8am – Fun with Spanish: Games & Activities 3rd-8th
2pm – Narnia Book Club 3rd-8th
2:45pm – Playing with Logic 4th-10th
English: Composition 6th-12th
11am – Research Paper 7th-12th
12pm – Career Choices 7th-12th
1pm – Speech 7th-12th (Closed)
9am – Ancient History 9th-12th
10am Literature: Classics Of Ancient Greece & Rome 9th-12th

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Jenn’s NHC 2019-2020
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Jenn’s NHC 2019-2020

Jenn graduated from South Side High School in 1986 and has been homeschooling since 20002. She has been involved in various co-ops through the years and has been participating in the NICHE support group for her homeschooling career. She is involved in her 17th year of homeschool and has graduated 3 of her 5 children who range in age from 23 to 11 and abilities from highly academic to overcoming struggles with Dyslexia and ADHD.


Her homeschool runs on the classical model with a 4 year cycle for history, literature, religion and science. She and like-minded moms offer those classical classes to NHC in history, literature & science. [2018 America (Yr 4) / 2019 Ancients (Yr 1) / 2020 Middle Ages (Yr 2) / 2021 Modern World (Yr 3) / 2022 America (Yr 4) ]  She also tutors in all the subjects she teaches.

Jenn is the owner of Highland Dove Homeschool Helper, where she consults to better help homeschoolers over the humps and bumps of their job.

Jenn’s children are her greatest accomplishment.  Her oldest daughter, Kate MacDonald, graduated from 12 years of homeschooling and currently tutors students with Dyslexia.  Her second daughter created works of music during highschool and she and her husband had their first child. Jenn’s 3 boys are in various stages of rough and rowdy, preparing for manhood.

If you’re taking multiple classes from Jenn or sending multiple kids, she’s always willing to barter for the cost of the classes. Ask her about her barter list.

Jenn MacDonald