Middle School Math and Lab

Middle School Math and Lab

Grade Level: 6th-8th grade

Ages: 12 & up

Classes Meet: Thursdays

Semester 1: Thursday, September 7th – November 30th, 2023

Semester 2: Thursday, January 11th – March 28th, 2024.

Times: 10:00 – 11:30 am (This is an hour-and-a-half long class including both instruction and lab time for example problems.)

Instructor: Angel Pickard

Instructor Emailapickard1977@gmail.com

Tuition / Fees: $225 per semester.  An enrollment fee of $50 is due within 2 weeks of registration for the first semester and another $50 deposit will be due for the second semester. The enrollment fees are non-refundable and will hold your place in the class.

This is FULL year-long class.  

Course Description:

Are you and your middle school student not feeling ready to tackle pre-algebra this year?  Are you wanting to cement foundations in their mind before moving to that next step?  This General Middle School Math is for you.  We will be brushing up on concepts that will help them prepare to enter pre-algebra.  These topics and suggestions come from our Algebra math teacher at NHC for areas that she feels would be helpful for students to have a better grip on when they enter her algebra classes. During the first hour period we will go through an overview of the week’s concepts and lessons.  The Math Lab will then be spent doing example problems and answering questions from the week’s work prior and to come.  

We will use the text “Principles of Mathematics, Jr. High Year 1”  Student edition.  From the product’s description:

The Principles of Mathematics curriculum integrates a biblical worldview with mathematics! Year 1 of a 2-year course (year 2 sold-separately), this text is designed to give students an academic and spiritual mathematical foundation through building thinking and problem-solving skills while also teaching them how a biblical worldview affects their approach to mathematical concepts. They’ll learn how math can be seen as a way of exploring and describing consistencies God created and sustains and will see how math is not a neutral subject but rather reveals the glory of God.

Each student will need the text kit found here: https://www.christianbook.com/page/homeschool/master-books/principles-of-mathematics ,  (this is a two volume set that includes the student text, and the teacher’s manual/pages/tests/quizzes and answer keys) and a 1 1/2 inch binder, as well as basic supplies of pencil and paper.

If you have a student with special needs, please contact the teacher directly to discuss.