Elementary ASL Club

Elementary ASL Club

Grade Level: 2nd – 5th grades

Ages: 7-11 years

Classes Meet: Mondays

Semester 1: Monday, September 13th – November 29th, 2021

Semester 2: Monday, January 10th – March 28th, 2022.

(December 6th and April 4th will be make-up days if needed.)

Times: 12: 00 – 12: 50 am

Instructor: Tracy Paxson

Instructor Email: tracy046@outlook.com

Tuition / Fees: $250.00 tuition ($125.00 per semester) + $25.00 Supply Fee. An enrollment fee of $25 plus the supply fee of $25 is due within 2 weeks of registration and will come off of your tuition. Both the supply fee and enrollment fee ($50) are non-refundable and will hold your place in the class.

Course Description:  Elementary students are learning so many things and their brain is developing so much.  They are now able to grasp more complex and complicated subjects.  We will learn signs that are meaningful  and powerful to them.  This is a fun unit study class to learn American Sign Language.  We will have different topics each week to learn some fun basic signs.  We will cover classroom vocabulary, family, outdoors, animals, food, drinks, colors and more.  They will learn through instruction, repetition, games and some crafts.  This is a basic class which will focus heavily on vocabulary and the love of learning. They will learn to use their hands to communicate as their fine motor skills continue to develop along with their language skills.

*min 5/max 10